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Saturday, March 31, 2007
MILF Line Dance Pageant
The first of its kind pageant in Malaysia. The MILF Line Dance Awards! Well, that is my version of it, it is actually Mum Line Dance Pageant. Just a preview of the contestants of that night. The contestants are split into 2 categories; age 30-40 and age 40-50. Its only fair to the grandma to compete with those in her own league.

Contestant number 5 looks pretty hot and she's 34! She was Miss Photogenic.

Contestant 11 the Champion in this category

Category 2 Mums. Only comment, they are all Estee Lauder shots.

Contestant 10 is a grandma. Realize how touched up all their pictures are.

So the pageant started off with the parade of evening gowns and Q&A session. Evening gowns were sponsored by an obscure bridal house in Pekan Klang. Anyhowzz, Q&A session was really scripted. It was not an impromptu thing because that would send most of the contestants jumping off the stage. So, all answers were memorized and they just regurgitated their script.

Nice pose. But I don't think she won any title.

She was very sweet in the princessy gown.

Sawadeeka. Thai national from Category 2.

Winner of Category 2. She is very popular apparently and dances well too.

I'll leave it to your discretion

My fav. 59 yr old grandma still looking hawt! GILF not only MILF! She came in 2nd by the way.

"Wanna head down to Cititel with me after this, MILFs?"

After all the evening gown parading, I was thinking swimsuit will be up next! Wooahh, MILF in swimsuit.

Unfortunately, sports wear was on the agenda, but it was close to swimsuit. She has a lot of balls baring her mid section on stage.
See the reason why she won pageant. Super MILF I tell you. Cheer leader outfit on a mum will make any uncle drool.( Uncle's fantasy to, oh well, leave it to your imagination) By the way, she has very defined abs which shy to say I don't!

Overall it was quite an ambitious and successful event. It was very interesting seeing mums and grandmums doing their struts and some stunts ( yes, someone did the split). I must say those ladies have guts the size of Titanic to go up there parading in evening gowns , and dancing. It is definitely not an easy feat for most as more than 80% are homemakers but they did earn the respect from the crowd. If it was I, I would rather jump off the stage and claim medical insurance.
I think the pageant will be an annual affair like all pageants. This however definitely beats Miss Kelab Goon Choo, Miss Bintang Palace, Miss Kelab De Vegas, Miss Papaya Farm Club hands down. I guess my next review should be on Miss Papaya Farm Club.
Displace too much water when going for a swim.

Oh, and how can I forget to post a picture of the photographer/driver. Being the youngest, I had to chauffeur the aunties from Klang to Cheras AND take their photos.


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Friday, March 30, 2007
Its my mum's birthday and I decided to take her out for a decent meal. Been researching and finally settled at Saffron at One Bangsar. I have been passing by this row of restaurants at Bangsar Hill many times but have yet to checkout the area until today.

So what does Saffron serve? Well, a mixture of Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and Latin cuisine. Firstly, strolling along the row of restaurants was breath taking. Reminds me of the houses in Ames where there is a big lawn with the fenceless concept. I hope that my house could be like that someday because I don't like living behind the bars ( who does anyway).

This is the Hideki Japanese restaurant. Apparently it is pretty good. I like the little Japanese garden in front of the restaurant.

Finally arrived at Saffron which is located almost at the top of the hill. Not as big as Hideki but it is cozy.
Naiiicee. .. They have tables behind those curtains. So you can actually draw the curtains close and ber- hanky panky there. Perfect couple dining!

After the long hike, we were starvin'. So I was impatient to go through the menu and asked them for their recommendation.

Firstly, Lamb cutlets with seasoned Mayonnaise. Lamb was tender, grilled to give it the slightly smoky flavor and well seasoned with herbs to mask the smell. Tasted like the best thing in the world because I was hungry.

Then there was my favorite seafood Paella. Ooooo Olives make me go crazy. Paella is a Spanish dish normally cooked on Sundays. Paella is Spanish for frying pan which explains why it is served in a frying pan. Lazy Spaniards. Its just like serving fried rice with the wok together or Char Kuey Teow with the entire wok. Imagine what kind of reaction would you get from the older people if you serve dishes together with the wok. Would like to call Paella , Spanish Fly Lice.

Good recommendation by the server. Seafood stew. Has lots of tomatoes in the broth giving it the kick of sourness. I know I drank till I licked the platter.

Overall, food was great maybe giving a 8/10 rating. Ambiance was great too but I'll just give a 7/10 rating. It is not bad, its just that I have higher expectations :) Overall, I would say its a must-try place.

The One Bangsar
(Signforce F&B Concepts Concepts Sdn Bhd)
Pavillion 2, One Bangsar
63G Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru
52100, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-2287 1158

Fax: 603-2287 7158

Lastly, just wanna show off what bag I carried to match my outfit..haha. Yea, my Baby Phat bag. The one and only blue barrel bag I have which is a little bit of ghetto and funky. My alter ego, Tachelle, adores Baby Phat.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Trash Tossing Drivers

Don't you just despise people who throw trash out of their car. I get very annoyed and if I were to drive a Steel reinforced car, I would just crash that idiot. I mean like we are supposed to be a very moralized society. Doesn't Moral teach you not to toss trash everywhere? ( Jangan membuang sampah di merata-rata tempat) That goes to show we have lousy teachers, period.

I believe these offenders are most likely from the outskirts of the city like Pulau Ketam, Pulau Carey or some Kampung for that matter. You can do that in your kampung but not in the city. Imagine a hot chick strutting by the road side and all of a sudden she was slapped by a styrofoam box of left over rojak! Poor chick just lost her dignity.

Well, what to do but to relegate them to a piece of booger. Fine would not help. I know what will traumatize them to a point they will develop a phobia of throwing trash out of the car.

The moment the offender tosses the trash, immediately slap a used sanitary pad on their windscreen. Or better still, aim to throw into their car. If teachers can't teach them, I think sanitary pad is a much more effective lesson and will be remembered for life! Yes, you will not forget the day when someone throws a used pad at you.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Best for voluptuous fullness

Butts, armpits... of cos boobs is next on the list! Came across this full paged ad in Cleo. Wow, bust enhancement minus the pills, surgery and injections. Ok, got my attention to read further.

According to the ad, they claim to use only pure essential oils and it is massaged gently into the breast tissues to make it firm, shapely and full. They also state that "Best of all, your self-confidence will increase enormously. And the deep shadow of your cleavage will be real. Unlike the fake curves of a push-up bra that promptly disappear the moment you take it off"

Very clever way of using words like enormous with confidence. So girls with puny boobs has puny confidence? Deep shadow of cleavage, I can fake that by air brushing a cleavage shadow.

Why do girls desire bigger boobies? First thing, you'll get stared and gawked at making you lose confidence. With big boobies you can't really dance that well, it sorta restricts movements. In dancing, moves has to be executed swiftly . So, with the boobs in the way, it takes quite an effort to actually ,say, execute a full turn. Also, when dancing with a partner especially the tango, your boobs will always be in contact with the man's body. Best to wear Madonna's cone bra in situations like these.
It is not going to be a good sight when jogging. Every bounce the boob makes, it creates a big downward force making it sag. So if you keep running till the time you hit 80, I think the boobies might just be the same level as the tummy. Eliminates the need to wear a bra, belt is sufficient.

So why do people perceive having big boobies as sexy? It's just two extra piece of fats hanging from our body. Why aren't small boobies sexy as well? Because we resemble the body of a man that men find it gay to ogle at what seems like another man's chest? But it is just fats in bags. The society has got the wrong perception putting young girls under pressure to get larger chest.

Anywayzzz, Rm188 for 6 sessions is cheap and reasonable but I don't wanna pay someone to touch my boobs man. What if they have some kinda hidden camera somewhere or they actually have a side business. Allowing men to look through a peep hole into the massage parlor for maybe 50 bucks per 5 minutes? Scary but can be true. Best way is to DIY utilizing youtube of course. And you thought youtube only broadcasts stupid videos.

It is like kneading a dough making mee hoon kueh out of it.
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Monday, March 26, 2007
Hooters In Malaysia
Ha Ha. Got ya attention! Nope I don't have any news that Hooters is coming to Malaysia. Just wondering when and will it ever. If Singapore can have Hooters why can't Malaysia (*stammer stammer*) I don't believe that there are no well-endowed Malaysian girls around. Just go to Velvet and you can find quite a number.

Singaporean Hooters. Not bad. I bet Malaysian girls can do just as good if not better.

Texas Hooters. Nose bleed. However, push up bra does wonders!

Are there less or virtually no rape cases in Singapore? So the men are really satisfied in Singapore ehh. What is wrong with Malaysian men? Too much pent up sexual energy waiting to be vented resulting in rape and worst, incest. What to do, we are governed by third world country laws and we will remain third world till 2020.

So if a place like Hooters were to open in KL, the girls will probably get raped in the restaurant itself. However, we can improvise it to follow our culture.

No Hooters in the world can top that.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Visible Grandmother Panties

If you decide to wear white pants, wear strings underneath it. Briefs or rather grandma's panties is sooo not flattering especially worn under skin tight bottoms. I think that wearing strings under tight bottoms gives men the impression that the lady is panty-less, teasing in a way. Like peekaboo, it's there and you can't get it.

Grandma Panties. Panties that could cover your navel and conceal the tummy.

The way to go. Satin thong. Gives that seductive butt line when wearing tight pants.

What is worst is a girl wearing skin tight skirt wearing auntie panties but with one side of the panties eaten up by the butt and it shows from the outside! Aih, too bad didn't have my cam with me at that time to proof what I am trying to mean.

The point I am getting to is ,if you're gonna wear something tight, make sure you wear strings under it or else just don't wear anything, ha ha. Make sure the bladder is not weak when going panty-less, don't want drips to be visible on the material. Grandma panties are meant for aunties (or aunties who are grandmas) who do not like the string-in-butt sensation and also auntie need the extra lift and support la.

So in conclusion, auntie cannot wear skin tight or almost see through pants. How unfortunate that I saw one, while doing some floor exercises this morning. Yes, the auntie not only has mouth diarrhoea but was wearing a semi transparent tights with of course grandma panty. What's worst, I got the most horrific view of it. We were doing push ups on all fours. So basically knees and hands are on the ground and when going down the butt tends to get pushed out and stretched a little to accommodate the forward motion. To my disgust, I saw a gigantic piece of protruding saggy butt clad in black grandma panty under a skin tight beige exercise tights. I wish I had my cam at that time but it will be awkward if I was taking photos while exercising and what more of an auntie's butt?!!

- Terrible, Horrible, Vegetable-


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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Oppression in Single-Sex Schools
Students in single-sex schools are oppressed whether they realize it or not. Source of this oppression is the lack of interaction with the opposite sex. Disturbingly, this oppression leads to unexplained Neanderthal behavior seen in mostly single-sex boy schools.

I gotta admit that I used to grow up in a single-sex school and I am proud of it. Long live Convent!

Class photo taken 9 yrs ago. Can't believe it has been 9 years since I wore the blue pinafore.

Being in an all girl school was pretty much like keeping us in our comfort zone. We were free to express our feelings, discuss womanly issues openly, change in classroom openly after PE, climb around in our skirts....etc. We always wondered how girls in co-ed schools must have felt so embarrass growing up ( including certain parts of the body) and how uncomfortable they are in the presence of guys with their ever watchful eyes. At least being in an all girl school, we can actually pass around a sanitary pad as an autograph and not be embarrassed about it!

Little did we know that due to the up bringing in a single-sex school, we fail to develop social skills and communication with the opposite sex. Girls are exposed to only girls day in day out. What is worst is that the principal herself cuts off any communication with the all boys school. So to say, guys are not allowed into the premise at any time . Unless, there is a competition( academic ones) organized at a district level. I think that is the only time the girls has a glimpse of the opposite sex and they go whispering, snickering and giggling.

On the other hand, girls visiting an all boys school would be a terrifying and traumatic experience. I really mean it. Naturally girls at that age are shy, what more from an all girl school who hardly interact with the opposite sex. This however is not the situation for the guys. The oppression in an all boys school results in inappropriate social behavior which make them seem uncultured and uncouth. Upon setting foot into the school compound, the girls will be greeted by a host of caged animals. Specifically monkeys and rats.

Yes, the guys will literally climb on the window grills of the classroom like this monkey and start acting like one. This does not happen in one class but the entire school. Oh and not forgetting the rats that follows. So, you will know why are girls are intimidated by all boys school and eventually become sexist. We like attention but not from animals you know.

Part of the dangers of being in a single-sex school is the tendency to lean towards homosexuality. I have seen enough to be convinced that if you don't educate the kids as young as 13 yrs old, they will never understand why they feel a certain way. You know, we girls like to raise money by doing dedications(selling little items like chocolates with a small note sent to their special ones, normally the opposite sex, or sometimes disturbingly the same sex). I know I like to raise money for my own cause through these dedications. You will be surprised that the girl who looks the most butch gets quite a lot of these dedications from their female admirers begging to have a chance to be her 'pet sister'. Likewise, the pretty ones will also get dedications from their secret admirers pleading for acceptance as a 'pet sister' too. Pet my ass, so ridiculous!
So you see, you can separate us from the guys but you can't stop us from developing feelings for a girl! I used to get irked by all these secret admirer and pet sis bull crap back then. It all boils down to the poor education system that we have (of course poor la, can't even decide on a freaking official language to use in all subjects).

I am not against single-sex schools, it is great like I mentioned. However, teachers gotta be a bit more flexible when it comes to developing social skills. The last thing we want is to develop a group of feminist who thinks God is a Girl and a bunch of homos patronizing Liquid every weekend. Just allow some interaction through well organized events to promote more awareness. Otherwise, even form 5 girls may have the idea that they can get pregnant by a touch from a male.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Totally ruins your sex life

A partially bald guy and a woman in tudung kissing passionately. Does this turn you on? Absolutely not! This video will be traumatic to your sex life. Brrrrr, sends chills down my spine.

Post mortem of this video. First and foremost I think it is quite genuine and not staged. I mean like what would they get out of it apart from the religious teachers trying to hunt down their asses. Best part is the bald guy is in a suit and the woman in tudung! I bet he is somebody in possibly a corporate or a government department. So ,how is a supposed intelligent, highly respected man be oblivious to CCTVs in lifts. Some people are just so technology-phobic.

Did you see the way they kiss?! HAhaha, it is so amateur. I was expecting some Hollywood steamy kissing scene but this is urrggh, just lip locking. I guess this happened right after lunch after having few petai and sambal. You know when you lock your lips and slowly open your mouth and realize that the person has bad breath, then retract your tongue and close your mouth and continue lip locking to avoid being rude. I think that was what happened. And the groping was just too sudden and awkward, HAHA! Oh no, I am having nightmares already. Realize he grabbed her boobs right after the door shut? It looked like he wanted to pluck a mango off a tree. He definitely do not know how to tease and please a woman. Just grab , bang and go!

I think the person in the controls room was having a good time zooming in and out while the couple was making out. If it was me, I would turn on the loud speaker and hook up the microphone to some porn just to arouse them more!

So next time pay close attention to scandals in your office as it can get quite juicy and interesting like this one.


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Monday, March 19, 2007
Wedding streak begins!
Here comes the bride,
All dress in white,
Here comes the bride with the big back side!

I was taught to sing this song when I was young. So, this little rhyme have always been in my head ever since. Ask me and I'll sing you more cheeky songs I've picked up during my childhood :)
Sigh, the beginning of a wedding streak. Yes, I know I'm old when all the people around me start getting married. Geee, why can't you guys just wait for a little while. I mean you've got your entire life to be stuck with each other , why start so early? Enjoy singledom! Anyways, whatever that makes you happy.

Li Bing and Len's wedding was a very pleasant and an entertaining one.(No ,Li Bing no big back side, in fact it's purrrfect!) Something different from most weddings that I have been to. Love her dresses and absolutely love her photos. Look at their website and you will know that her dream wedding came true.

Anywayzz, what is a wedding without photos and what is a wedding without reunion.

Westin, a luxurious venue to have a wedding. Even their chocolate gift box looks like a watch casing! I was deceived indeed.

Mysterious photo of Garren and Y E. Testing out the Color Accent feature of my Ixus 850IS

Samurai Sword Master Jickina and Yew Choong.

See Tau Kar Aik and See Tau Por Carol. Need security for your systems? Look for them.

Go Cyclones!

And there's the after party!

The girls on the dance floor of Velvet

I just took notice of someone peculiar in this picture.See the guy in white shirt at the back with his fists in boxing pose? Well, he is actually dancing! Yea man, remember my Happening Nerd post? There it is, a happening nerd and how do they dance? With their hands clenched, arms curled and constantly moving in a circular motion in no accordance to the rhythm. HAHA! You must think that I was one of those bullies picking on nerdy kids in school, pushing them around and hanging their bras on tree tops.


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Friday, March 16, 2007
Please use deodorant hor..
Very disturbing, I know

Encounter 1:

I was at this public toilet at a shopping complex waiting for my turn. So ,I was standing impatiently outside the cubicle because not only I can't hold it any longer, the toilet actually smells a little foul. I am very sensitive to smells, so I can sniff the slightest change in the air particles. Finally, the latch opened and out came the occupant (quite a pretty one too). Quickly rushed in and to my horror, her Body Odour (hereinafter referred as BO) actually masked all other toilet smells in the cubicle. Had to actually hold my breath for the entire time I was in the cubicle. After I was done, just burst out of the toilet gasping for air. How could she have not noticed her rotting armpits??!!!! The smell is disastrous. That smell is totally a guy repellent. Fuuuhhhh. Another reason I guess she didn't shave it for ages. See, not very pleasant to have fuzzy arm pits on a pretty girl. It's all wrong, wrong, wrong! If I could go up to her,I will say Please use deodorant hor..

Encounter 2:

This was after my Sunday mornings dance class. As usual, I would have some people car pool with me. However, this particular person is known to have extreme BO because it always contaminate the air in the dance studio. Let me tell you , it is pungent enough to kill pests within her radius. So, when we got into the car I had to just wind down the windows so that the car will be well ventilated. After driving for a few minutes, I decided to wind up the windows but after a few seconds I had to wind it down again. I was almost choked to death! How could she have the audacity to lift her arms up exposing her armpits to my air con vent! Worst of all she was wearing a sleeveless top. Can you imagine how toxic was the air that was circulating in my car?! Trust me, I almost had foam coming out of my mouth. The armpits, was facing the air con vent directly and being in an enclosed space, air will only circulate within it. I had no choice but to wind my window down and stick my nose out. So I thought she got the hint and put her arms down. Hardly a minute, she put her arms up again and I had to wind the window down again. This continued on for a good 40 minutes. That was the worst 40 minutes ride of my life! There wasn't a next session of car pooling ever again! I just couldn't bring myself to tell her Please Use Deodorant Hor...

Encounter 3:

You know how it is to dance among a jam packed crowd in clubs. Girls are always in their sexiest number, which would almost always be sleeveless. So how do they dance? Yea, by raising their arms. It is deemed to be quite seductive.
I was dancing in a group full of chicks and all of a sudden I detected bad BO. Couldn't identify the source at first and later found out it was from a really nice girl standing quite a distance from me dancing with her hands in the air like she just don't care. After few whiffs, I backed out and when back to my table. I mean like it is normal that the ciggie smoke smell is pretty dominant in clubs. Don't smell anything else except for the smoke. So I guess if someone actually breaks wind, the bad gas is immediately devoured by the surrounding smoke. Well, all except for disgustingly bad BO! This is bad, she became an automatic guy repellent that night. If only her boy friend could just tell her Please Use Deodorant hor.... the clubs would be a much better place to be merry and gay.

Moral of the story: Please do a scratch and sniff test on yourself to make sure that you have or do not have bad BO. If you can tell, reason being that you have been immunized by the toxicity of your own BO. So get an opinion from family members or someone close to you. Once the problem is identified, please drive yourself down to the nearest drug store and ask for a recommendation on deodorants. Do not wait! Take action now.

Please support me in my campaign against Bad BO!

Sidenote : Currently listening to Musiq Soulchild's latest album Luvnmusiq. Good stuff. Highly recommended.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
No feel syok, don't wanna do!
Has anyone read The Star this morning?!! If not , let me educate or FYI you.
Title big big spells out

Abdullah waiting for 'feel good' factor to get even better

When I read further, article was talking about election. Hor, election end of this year hor but don't know when. Prime Minister Abdullah say he syok then announce the date hor.

The General Elections will not be held just yet, not until the “feel good” factor becomes even better, said Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

So it means hor, not syok no need election. Then he very secretive one. Very 'yam sap', don't tell you what he wanna do. You poke the sides of his waist also won't divulge one.

Asked if he was ruling out an election this year, the Prime Minister said: “You want to know, I never reveal what I want to do. Cannot, cannot tell you.”

Cannot, cannot tell you. I no syok means no elections la! *sulk*

Hor, like that one hor our country political system. Based on feel syok or not syok. So most of our country investments also based on feel syok or not la. Wahh, die lor like that! Hmmm, 9th Malaysian plan also because he feel syok wanna build more infra.
I thought only I like make decision based on feeelings, didn't know PM also the same..AHAH! Hai, same same, great minds think alike.

Very democratic lor like that. If no syok opposition, don't hold elections so that no need to pressure myself fighting against them. Feel syok when people like your balls then you hold elections so that the rakyat will vote for you hor. Then if rakyat sways a bit to opposition then you sulk and stammer and say NO ELECTIONS!

Screw you opposition! I am the Tai Kor.I can do whatever I want! I no syok means rakyat no chance to elect you!

Please, I hope he don't become like that douche bag lor. Very embarrassing one. Sometimes dunno what he talking, grammar damn powderful, listen until my ears pain pain. Maybe he dunno what he talking also, but he don't care cos he's leading a great nation. Leader of a great nation showing middle finger, I salute.

After reading the article , I was very baffled wor. Har, our PM talks this way wor. How leh, my jaw also drop on the floor. Sound like very shallow hor. Then ar, he always like to deviate from a serious topic lor.

Abdullah said ways the country could develop further include promoting unity, the spirit of muhibbah and religious tolerance.

Talk talk economics, politics, money, crisis, then suddenly must have muhibbah and unity one. Har, me baffled again. Jaw hanging lose already. Every time muhibbah until I damn sien.
I really don't know what to say, you leh?


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Monday, March 12, 2007
Oughta Know

You know you are old when:

1) You have acquired the taste of cilantro. Yup the smelly vege that is used in garnishing steam fish. As age catches, you will grow to like the taste of cilantro in everything.

2) You think celery is the best vege in the world and best taken in its raw form.

3) You crave for asam salted vege with duck.

4) You used to hate kids but now you just wanna hug and talk to kids.

5) You don't run around playing with kids instead you put them on your lap and talk to them.

6) You start nagging at your siblings.

7) Stop going to all the Cafe Flam and Q-Bar and start going to Thai Bar.

8) Look at older men from a different point of view.

9) Stop driving like a maniac and your feet is always on the imaginary brakes when in the passenger seat.

10) You stop wearing cheer leader skirts with sneakers.

11) Start giving advise to younger people.

12) Stop drinking whiskey coke and start drinking Whiskey on the rocks. To appreciate the aroma of the whiskey.

13) You stop dancing at clubs and just sit and drink and be merry.

14) You can't shop without your eyes feeling tired after 2 hours.

15) You start to appreciate fine wine instead of modified cars.

16) You start listening to 80's music even though you hated it when you were younger.

17) You start to disdain 'tau teng', 'mui mui chai' in clubs.

18) You stop dreaming of 2 seater cars and start looking at MPVs and sedans instead.

19) You find that you have a lot to reminisce.

20) All your friends around you are getting married and you are getting invited to every damn wedding dinner.

You know ,you're old. I know, I'm old.


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Saturday, March 10, 2007
Convent Dim Sum Gathering
Yup had a gathering with the girls and we were discussing next year's 10th anniversary. The anniversary after leaving school that is. Can't believe it has been 10 years since we were in form 5! I am anticipating a lot of married women and mothers in our gathering.
Company was great, food was so not worth it. Please do not have dim sum at KEC. It is just pure crap.

This is pretty much almost everybody except the few that have left early.
Me, Angela, Joyce and Meera. Hmm, Meera likes to be Oral-ed. I love the t shirt and was disturbing her about it. So I took another pic of her again.

Yea, you can actually hear me saying eyerrr, oral you??!! No way, you're my best friend and I won't do that. Sigh, she's getting married as well.

Another best friend of mine. Luckily she's not getting married. She's a clown. Always making me laugh till my teeth falls out. I still remember she actually passed a piece of sanitary pad around for the class to autograph before she left for Sabah.
Ya, this was what we passed around and we were signing on a Whisper Ultra Thin pad.
So creative.


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