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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Oppression in Single-Sex Schools
Students in single-sex schools are oppressed whether they realize it or not. Source of this oppression is the lack of interaction with the opposite sex. Disturbingly, this oppression leads to unexplained Neanderthal behavior seen in mostly single-sex boy schools.

I gotta admit that I used to grow up in a single-sex school and I am proud of it. Long live Convent!

Class photo taken 9 yrs ago. Can't believe it has been 9 years since I wore the blue pinafore.

Being in an all girl school was pretty much like keeping us in our comfort zone. We were free to express our feelings, discuss womanly issues openly, change in classroom openly after PE, climb around in our skirts....etc. We always wondered how girls in co-ed schools must have felt so embarrass growing up ( including certain parts of the body) and how uncomfortable they are in the presence of guys with their ever watchful eyes. At least being in an all girl school, we can actually pass around a sanitary pad as an autograph and not be embarrassed about it!

Little did we know that due to the up bringing in a single-sex school, we fail to develop social skills and communication with the opposite sex. Girls are exposed to only girls day in day out. What is worst is that the principal herself cuts off any communication with the all boys school. So to say, guys are not allowed into the premise at any time . Unless, there is a competition( academic ones) organized at a district level. I think that is the only time the girls has a glimpse of the opposite sex and they go whispering, snickering and giggling.

On the other hand, girls visiting an all boys school would be a terrifying and traumatic experience. I really mean it. Naturally girls at that age are shy, what more from an all girl school who hardly interact with the opposite sex. This however is not the situation for the guys. The oppression in an all boys school results in inappropriate social behavior which make them seem uncultured and uncouth. Upon setting foot into the school compound, the girls will be greeted by a host of caged animals. Specifically monkeys and rats.

Yes, the guys will literally climb on the window grills of the classroom like this monkey and start acting like one. This does not happen in one class but the entire school. Oh and not forgetting the rats that follows. So, you will know why are girls are intimidated by all boys school and eventually become sexist. We like attention but not from animals you know.

Part of the dangers of being in a single-sex school is the tendency to lean towards homosexuality. I have seen enough to be convinced that if you don't educate the kids as young as 13 yrs old, they will never understand why they feel a certain way. You know, we girls like to raise money by doing dedications(selling little items like chocolates with a small note sent to their special ones, normally the opposite sex, or sometimes disturbingly the same sex). I know I like to raise money for my own cause through these dedications. You will be surprised that the girl who looks the most butch gets quite a lot of these dedications from their female admirers begging to have a chance to be her 'pet sister'. Likewise, the pretty ones will also get dedications from their secret admirers pleading for acceptance as a 'pet sister' too. Pet my ass, so ridiculous!
So you see, you can separate us from the guys but you can't stop us from developing feelings for a girl! I used to get irked by all these secret admirer and pet sis bull crap back then. It all boils down to the poor education system that we have (of course poor la, can't even decide on a freaking official language to use in all subjects).

I am not against single-sex schools, it is great like I mentioned. However, teachers gotta be a bit more flexible when it comes to developing social skills. The last thing we want is to develop a group of feminist who thinks God is a Girl and a bunch of homos patronizing Liquid every weekend. Just allow some interaction through well organized events to promote more awareness. Otherwise, even form 5 girls may have the idea that they can get pregnant by a touch from a male.


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