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Thursday, December 27, 2007
Visit to skin specialist
I paid a visit to a well-known skin specialist in my hometown this week. Well reason being, is my life long acne battle. The previous derm that I visited only fed me accutane which is REALLY bad in the long run and one pill costs around 6 bucks! Damn doctors trying to find the easy way out by prescribing high profit margin drugs.

By visiting this new skin specialist, I was hoping that he would give me better medication as compared to the unscrupulous doctor that I had. The clinic was filled with people and I was anticipating my wait to be around 2 hours long. I dared not sit on the chairs as I feared I might contract any skin disease from patients who has sat on the chairs previously. After half an hour of standing, I gave up and just sat down with the minimum butt contact with the chair.

I noticed a lot of young couples around waiting in line as well. I mean like, if your boyfriend has some skin problem, you don't need to drive him to the clinic rite? These people just pamper their partners too much. If I was ill and I could still drive to the clinic, I would do it myself and not having my boyfriend to come all the way to my aid.

So I was just trying to figure out why would couples go to the skin specialist together. Then I tried snooping around the dispensary counter to see who is actually ill and it turns out the medication was prescribed for both partners. Then it dawned to me that there could only be one reason why couples visit the skin specialist together. Its either they have contract some sort of hideous pubic area skin infection OR they have pubic lice! I would think the latter is quite possible if both partners do not include shaving the pubic area as their daily routine.

In this day and time, shaving the pubic area is essentially as important as shaving the hair at the pits or any facial hair. Reason being, apart from extended pleasure, it sure keeps pubic lice at bay. If your partner tells you that hairs at the pubic area is sexy, tell him to go dig his nose into a Shihtzu.

Looking at how gross pubic lice can get, the only prevention is to shave it clean. Doctor will prescribe all sorts of 'insecticide' to get rid of the little buggers but in the long run it is up to you to keep yourself clean.

The only doctor that young couples should go visit together is the gynae, not the skin specialist. Exception for partners who has no career and bumming at home.

So, try to prevent this avoidable embarrassment cos if visiting the skin specialist together would almost certainly prove that you have pubic lice and you have spread it to your partner and worst of all, YOU HAVE A HAIRY MUFF!


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