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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Good Future Behind ( Smooth Ass)
I have always admired girls with nice round perky ass. Not those that you can literally ride on like a coin ride in supermarket. Anywayzz here is my favorite behind that I would like to share.

Smooth, supple , luscious and absolutely fabulouso.It's not really protruding like a spaceship, but it is noticeable enough to make guys cum in their pants.

That is my idea of a perfect ass. I don't care if anyone will to disagree with me, but if I catch any of you guys getting a hard on seeing this tight ass with a pair of pearl thongs, your ass will experience a certain stretching sensation like never before.

This is how my "felet butt" looks like in pangsai position

Ok zoom in on my"felet butt" to actually accentuate the flatness.

Yea, all the stretch marks! "Felet stretch marks butt"

So you see, it is flat and imperfect. And my quest is to get the luscious bubble butt like Alessandra Ambrosio has. I have done my research and I think these might eventually turn my "felet butt" into a luscious one.

Firstly is the Firmness Test.

According to this test, you gotta have your butt facing the mirror and contract the muscles. The feeling of contracting is pretty much like when you are wearing thong and you have that bad bowel movement day and you really need to run for it, that is how you contract your ass muscles. So.... if there is little or no change to the butt, then priority is to work on the firmness of the muscle.
However, if the butt rise and round out, it means the butt muscles are toned so priority is to work on the skin. (Hmm....I hope I fall into this category)

Secondly, how to Smoothen the butt surface
After showering, spray some cold water on the butt to ensure suppleness is preserved. After that, always apply some cream on the butt and give it a nice "knead" (like how you knead a roti canai dough) and ending with some "chopping" action to get the blood circulating. I think the roti canai man will do a good job on a butt with all the ghee, it will smoothen the butt in a week!

Lastly, it's gotta be Exercise!

Yea you can't get anything toned without exercise. And shopping will not give you a toned butt. Take the damn stairs instead of the elevator, contract your butt muscles while you are stuck in a jam, make sure you miss every shot in badminton so that you can squat down and pick it up hence exercising the butt muscle, go swimming and kick like the motor in a boat.

I guess I still have a chance at achieving bubble butt before I grow older, get married and have kids. In no time I will be wearing a thong on the beach!


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Saturday, December 23, 2006
It is a very UnChristmas year. Just another holiday to drink and get high. Not really a time of cheering and sharing. Where is my Christmas tree? Who needs one, no one is gonna come to my house anywayz. People have begun evacuating the city. The only ones left are the ones still fighting an Iraq war at work.
Anywayz, Christmas was fun when I was 10 where nothing else in the world matters except me,my toys,and my holidays. These days, people will tell you to screw yourself and mind your own business. Oh well, just want to spread the Christmas cheer.
My Ideal Christmas..would be.....

A Christmas in Fantasy Land where toys come alive!

Houses built out of sweet chocolate candy and everything nice!

Everyone dressed up for a grand Ball

..And Cinderella by your side telling you that you struck Power Ball.


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Friday, December 22, 2006
Shenanigans in Penang

Yes, this trip compelled me to start a damn blog. It's about time to start one. Feel like sharing my entire life with the world...NOT!....but sometimes its easier to announce what has been going on in my life instead of people having to ask 'wassup' 'how are you' 'Jagshemash!' 'what you been up to'. soooo excited to write about my vacation in Penang. Yea, when I told people I am taking a weeks off to go to Penang for my holidays, everyone just gave me that WTF stare and turned away. Well, if you threw me to a beautiful beach with a bunch of boring people, I won't actually call it a vacation, more like isolation, meditation, new age dancing ( boring...weird). But Penang, because Yu May is there! My crazy housemate at ISU, my sister who shares my ups and downs, my yum char buddy, clubbing buddy, clowning buddy, makeup buddy.....list goes on. Yea, the party wizard!

Yea, we were out of the house at the point of sunrise, and back home wayyyy after sunset, even just before sunrise again! Oh yeah, all the talking needs stamina and stamina we have. It's like a talk-a-thon the entire trip. Mouth exercise to the fullest besides the eating. But we have small stomachs so the only thing we indulged in is the appetizing asam laksa and not forgetting my awesome Muar Chee. It's the award-winning Muar Chee in Gurney Drive. Oh and she took me to the award-winning chendol at Penang Road. The back lane was disgusting but food was satisfying.

Anywayz, food wasn't really the highlight of the trip. The people and places we went to were the highlight! Oh man, the variety of people we met ranged from Char Kuey Teow store owner to an Ah Long (in corporate talk we call it Credit Controller) . Yes, we met a group of bikers (high-class Mat Rempits we call them to piss them off) , Developer uncles, Heart surgeon, Char kuey teow owner, pub owner, ah long, Ghee Hiang Director, an explicit cheapskate Tau Sa Pia- nipple showing China Girl. I think the only people we have not met are the beggars and undertakers.

Yes, I like meeting new people and that is what my job allows me to do. How interesting. Oh another highlight was Club GLO! Yes, explicit....but NAIICCEE! Was a bit disappointed though, didn't get to see the lala muis clad only in their push-up bras. Anywayzzzz, drinking was fun ( as always). Learnt a trick from my boss, it's called the Down-Entire-Glass-In-A-Gulp skill. Yea, wanted to show off some Klang-power to the Penang guys and I succeeded. The loser had to down another glass again.

This was what I wanted to see but NOOOO......nothing close to that. Or else I would be laughing my tits off.

Nice trip and looking forward to go back there again and next time around, I must see the GLO girls in full force! Thanks a lot Yu May for making this such a meaningful trip.


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