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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Dinner Jobs
There was this particular blog I read about dinner jobs. Apparently most of the models that we see or know have taken or are still taking up dinner jobs. So what is the job description?
Guess what I found, a posting on dinner jobs!

People that the relation engineers would most likely entertain are dirty old men with lotsa moolahs.

Not all dinner jobs require the girls to offer themselves after that apparently. So you can choose to hook or not to hook. After reading about the (s)excitements of dinner jobs, I would never see models the same way again.


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Monday, July 30, 2007
Mr Anonymous mentioned that EngTex would hit 3.5. I was monitoring it today and it opened at 1.76 , shot up to about 2.23 , finally settling down at 2.22. Apparently there is a bonus issue on Tuesday 31st July. So, would EngTex really hit 3.5 tomorrow?

I really don't know but Mr Anonymous is betting his life on it. There are so many unknowns ( to me at least) in this counter and I am not sure should I be taking the risk or not. I don't wanna catch a falling sword. I don't normally sit in front and monitor stocks cos I simply don't have the time to, so playing contra would not be such a good idea. However, the temptation is there looking at how it jumped today. It looks almost too artificial.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Dolmite and Metacor
Few months back I blogged about these two counters namely Dolmite and Metacorp.
Stock Pick

These 2 were dormant counters for the past year or so. The so called salt fish stocks.
However, the past 3 days was really exciting. Look at what happened to the salted fishes. You know what they say in Chinese. (Resurrection of the salted fish)

Chart for Dolomite. It has been hovering around .30 for sometime and all of a sudden there was a breakout. Shot up to .44 within 5 days! There was some indication on the 20th July according to the MACD crossing. Close to 50% gain, can't find this kind of figure in the blue chips. So bulk up at around .35 if the price does go down. I'm ecstatic.

Metacorp was another dormant counter until the 18th July. Another sudden break out. It became one of the top 10 counters with the highest volume on KLSE. Of course the news of them being the supplier for the Penang second link is out as well as their long extended law suit has come to an end. All these are most likely the factors for the sudden surge as well.
I'm going crazy.


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Monday, July 23, 2007
Bimbo attempting to write tech flyer
Recently I came across a flyer of a new MAC store in Bangsar. It was the most hilarious tech marketing I have ever seen. This girl actually wrote an entire essay about the coolness. It is not how awesome a MAC is but just about the word cool.How do I know it was a girl who wrote this flyer? Cos she wrote the same exact thing for her dance studio. Check this out.

In case you can't read it, I shall type it out here.

Why haven't you still owned a MAC?

We loved our PC. It looked great on our family desk. We surfed the net. Chatted online with friends and listened to our favorite tunes.

- Ok, hold up. I've got something to say here. There is an abuse of full stops here. You can actually combine the ideas into one or two sentences. Ok, a PC doesn't look very great on the family desk FYI. Unless its a freaking LCD monitor, projector keyboard and the entire CPU submerged into some non-conducting liquid. Otherwise, PC never looked great especially on family desk??!!!! eeksss..I don't think I can even chat if its on the family desk.

But that was until we got a Mac. Owning a Mac is like owning a flashy sports car. But even better. It's built to last. It works like a dream. It's cool. But ten times more than cool.

- Hmm, yea Mac is a flashy sports car, but what is better than a flashy sports car?? A rocket? Mac is built to last? No way man. Every tech equipment has an EOL (end of life). Sorry to say, you have to keep updating, or else it won't be cool anymore. You see, she does not know how else to describe so she had to waste another sentence to say that it is ten times more than cool. Me no very understanding what is ten times more than cool. Does it mean it is
Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious cool? OMG, it is soooo bimbo-ish. Again notice the abuse of full stops?? Who the heck talks like that!

If looks could kill. It would be a Mac.

- Again too many full stops or should I say overuse of period. She must have wrote it during her period. I do agree that MAC's designs are meant to be cool. Steve Jobs is very anal when it comes to designs.

We just printed our first photo book. We share songs with our eye catching ipods. And record our favorite tv shows. Even mom organizes her photos on our Mac.
That PC, well...what PC?
We never had one.

- errr.....*stress* So, a Mac is a photo kiosk? That's a frigging expensive one indeed. I don't frigging care about the shallow things you do with your Mac. I wanna know its capabilities!! features!! the edge it has over Windows!! What about all those cool interface that it is capable of? I bet she doesn't have any frigging idea what kinda OS it is running on. Maybe, she doesn't know what an OS is!
And to end it, she made another bimbo statement about not owning a PC..ahhaha. It is excruciating to read what she is writing and how she is trying to say that Mac is cool. In conclusion Mac is cool, so you should go get yourself one cos it is cool. Why is it cool, I don't know but I know it is ten times more than cool.

Next time if your non techie gf offers to do a write up on a gadget for you, just say "Honey, I'll make love to you the entire night after I write it myself".

It is excruciating to read the entire flyer I tell you.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Go, Go Shawty, Its my Birthday!

YAHOOLIGAN! It's my birthday, We gonna party like its my birthday, We gonna sip Bacardi like its my birthday!
In 15 mins I'm turning 21 *he he*. I wish I had a birthday cake this big to relive my childhood.
Right now I'm lovestoneddd. Seriously, its my theme song...LoveStoned......

Birthdays are fun until you hit 30. That is the time you start thinking what have you achieved so far in life and what awaits you in another 10 years. I shall ponder about that when I hit 30. Till then, I still got 9 more years to go *ke ke*.



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Friday, July 20, 2007
Turn your beer belly into bigger boobs!
Whoever who came up with this misconception that bigger boobs are super sexy and attractive, should be put into a chamber full of women with unsightly huge boobs.

Women have suffered a great deal just to get their bosoms enlarged...for the pleasure of their men.
Suffer no more because bigger boobs is just an injection and 6 months away.
There is this new procedure- dubbed Celution - extracts the fat cells from your belly, or booty, mix them up with stem cells, then injecting them into your tatas.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour which completely beats implants hands down. However, your boobs wouldn't grow instantly like inflating a balloon, rather it will gradually grow over the period of 6 months. Best part is that it is your own body fats, so you won't feel like there are 2 basketballs hanging from your chest.

The procedure is right now in its trial stage. It will be introduced in Europe early 2008. So watch out for the Celution, girls. Once it is introduced here, the A cup would cease to exist in the market. Every girl will have tatas that would make any guy go gaa gaa.


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Dance competition
I attended a dance competition as a spectator on a Sunday morning, a lil hungover. At least it was an interesting competition to watch. Also, I was wide awake, thanks to the auntie that was sitting beside me. To be polite and respectful, I kept my cool and just smile and nod at her every remark.
Can you imagine, she was sooo excited that she kept turning back to her friends, passing remarks, then talking over me to my neighbor about the participants and she kept doing that back and forth and back and forth and side to side. OMG, lady, just shut up and sit still! I couldn't take it and I offered to exchange places with her so that she can talk to her friends till kingdom comes.

Annoying lady aside, there were interesting participants tho. Of course, the vast majority was made out of teens and middle age participants. There were the kiddy group and they are just so adorable. Some are too tiny that its not funny.

The girl looks like a little dot compared to the participants around her.

Then came the interesting event. Belly hot I tell you.

Very well endowed belly dancer.

It only gets better and better..... and suddenly...

Ok...auntie's got guts.

But I will tell you who's got the BIGGEST guts (pun intended)

Yes, the crowd roared and cheered when she made her entrance. But checkout who's got even bigger guts.
A male belly dancer. This is unheard of, to me at least.

Overall, it was pretty entertaining.

Ok here's the video.


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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Lending a shoulder
Often times I see boyfriends carrying their girlfriend's handbags while strolling down the mall hand in hand. I mean the handbags are those really small hobo bags and not over-sized satchels.

Girls, seriously, the handbag is to accessorize your outfit and not your boyfriend's. He can carry your handbag when you need to try on something or go to the washroom. Please do not accessorize your boyfriend with your handbag because it looks gay.

Since when did this trend came about and how it came about is not precisely known. I am not trying to offend anyone , rather create the awareness that guys carrying girly handbags are just gay. Guys, it is not manly at all to carry a handbag. If you want to show your care for her, carry her shopping bags instead.


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Monday, July 9, 2007
Falling Sensation before sleep
I don't know how many of you out there experience this but I do experience this every single night before I fall asleep. I practically FALL before I fall asleep. How do I know that I fell? I feel my whole body jerking before I go into a deep sleep. You know, the 5 different stages of sleep which eventually leads to REM ( Rapid Eye Movement).

Shall not go into the details of the stages of sleep because it can become very technical. However, I am still amazed at this phenomenon. I believe I am not the only one who experiences this falling and jolting sensation every time before I fall asleep or go into a deep sleep. And the dream of me falling is always the same....either from a staircase or into a drain!

Its a scary feeling to fall. My body sort of like goes into a shock when I dream that I am falling. It is like a prequel to my dream sequence.

So why is this happening to me? I decided to take this issue to the forum of unexplained mysteries.

This phenomenon apparently is called a hypnic jerk. According to Wikipedia, it is an involuntary muscle twitch which often happens during transition from wakefulness to sleep. Hypnic jerks are completely normal and are experienced by most people especially when they are over-tired or sleeping uncomfortably.

What causes it? Sadly there is no clear cause but there are hypotheses. The jolts are a normal part of the sleep process , as is slower breathing, and lowering of body temperature. The feelings associated with relaxation before sleep is misinterpreted by the brain as a falling, and by reflex the body jerks out the limbs to stay upright.

Sounds quite logical to me. At least I don't have to believe that my soul doesn't leave my body when I fall asleep (which causes the jolt) and come back when I am about to wake up.


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Thursday, July 5, 2007
Japan GT Babes too sexy
Some members of our very 'smart' politicians raised the issue of the scantily-clad Japan GT Babes. Well, politicians, they inherited their brains from the animal kingdom. I think 8tv should have this variety show called Politicians Say the Darndest Thing. I bet it will receive super high ratings.

And so they say that the GT queens are too racy. Hello, are they even naked, or are they baring their G strings around the circuit? I think they are really decent in a sexy way. I have seen even racier Malaysian girls who sometimes bare it all in pictures.
So tell me, what is so provocative about these Japan GT Babes???

Err well, I believe it is really hot out there and they have to be under the sun for half the day. So it's forgivable that they are baring their midriff.

I think this is decent exposure! They are wearing long pants and long sleeves.

This is Kawaii and decent enough to go to the clubs.

Now lets see what have the two Barisan Nasional reps have to say about these Kawaii girls.

Can the ministry allow them to wear small-sized dresses?” Datuk Hasni Mohamad (BN – Pontian)asked.

Do all men like to look at naked women? There may be some men who like to watch. But are the authorities afraid to take action against foreigners?” Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN – Sri Gading) asked .

You see, our very intellectual Datuks can't even phrase their idea in a proper and mature language. Why are all Malaysian politicians this childish??!! Small-sized dresses doesn't necessarily mean it is vulgar or racy. You can be in a small dress but you are covered properly.

Then , another moron asked a question that a young teenager who just hit puberty could answer confidently. Do all men like to look at naked women? Yes of course! But are the Japan GT Babes naked? NO! I believe he is the one who is stripping the girls naked with his eyes. I bet he has been watching too much Hentai or Japanese porn to have this mind set that all Japanese girls are sex objects.

What a shame , what a shame.

I bet this is what they have on their minds of how the girls should promote the Japan GT.

Super Kawaii!!

The way it should be.

This is our way of promoting Malaysia to the world.

Happy Visit Malaysia 2007!


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Monday, July 2, 2007
Please don't buy the bald seal
This video cracked me up all day. Checkout the translations, friggin hilarious.
Everytime I repeat the video, I'll be laughing teary.

Watch out for these lyrics.

Oo OO Papa restaurant,
OOOOO pumping ovaltine.

Roll, jam, belching, raving, son!
Mock and bulled and mumued star!
Kill her! Kill her ! Kill her!

I swear these are the lyrics.


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