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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Using slang at the wrong age
Some slang are not meant to be used at a certain age.
I was having some drinks with a bunch of mature women one day. Conversation was normal and as usual I just kept my opinions to myself and listen with an open ear. Well, ears are open but certain information are not transmitted to my brains.

All of a sudden, somoene suggested going down to Ipoh for a glutton day trip. Everybody got excited over the suggestion and agreed to it except for me because I wasn't exactly paying attention to the conversation. Out of nowhere, the leader of the pack asked me, "So, are you game for it??". I was baffled and just stared at her for a second or two. She misinterpreted the expression on my face for incomprehension of the slang game and repeated herself , " Yea, game for it, you know, you on for it?".

I mean, I understand the slang "game" which simply means "on for it" in nigger talk. I myself do not use these street slangs in my daily conversation. So of course it baffles me when someone uses it, especially when it is coming out from an auntie's mouth??!!
Imagine an auntie going, " F'Shizzle M'Nizzle, I am game for anything!".

Wah Lau Eh!


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Monday, November 19, 2007
No more goofy
I'm not in a goofy mood.
I foresee trying times and much grief ahead.
Always appreciate your loved ones while they are still able.
Take them for that special shopping trips, the scrumptious meal that they crave , and the evening walks after dinner.
Never take anything for granted or you'll be remorseful for life.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Cherating Madness
Its been long since I have last stepped on soft fine sand. Ahhh, the sand, sea, sun and hunks(I wished). Well it was yet another exciting company trip. The best thing about company trips is that, we are VIPs in the entire resort. We went around caroling to every room door at 12am. No trip is complete without alcohol, and I mean lots of it. This is the best time to get drunk because nobody needs to drive home. Worst come to worst, just crawl back to the room.

So, this year I was still with the same team, different name. The name change was a good move as it actually lifted everybody's spirits.

Had a war cry competition and we had to out do the other team by painting everyone's faces like K I S S.

The Spartan armor and helmet. It was very honorable to be part of the team.

The team, with the King! Our banners and flag kicks ass!

The K I S S Angels.

I love the fluorescent glow in dark tubes. I first bought those when I was in Disneyland and had been fascinated with it ever since. I think I should get myself an entire tube of it and wear it every night.

The party starts. Alcohol are placed in an ice carved boat. Which was I think a waste of money.

Imagining I was Serena Williams winning the Wimbeldon.

Diva in the making. Still managing to run , walk, talk a whole lot and drink.

Taking photos with people that I don't know that well...I am high.

Knowing how to sing songs I never heard in my life..I am super high.

Lying next to whole bunch of empty bottles....super high and gone case.


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