Down In A Gulp
Saturday, April 28, 2007
Tres Chic Fashion Show
Just yesterday was quite an exciting day. I was invited to a boutique opening at Bangsar called Tres Chic. It is a boutique by a friend of mine and quite an exclusive one as well. I was impressed by the entire set up which includes a flat screen for the boyfriends or husbands. Boutiques these days do justice to the boyfriends because they have a nice seating area with car magazines and even better, a plasma screen that is tuned in to ESPN!

And so, the event was more like a cocktail party with fashion show. Fashion show is always the highlight at any event. Models *slurps*. Some people are always hoping for a wardrobe malfunction in fashion shows because as you know they rush to get changed. So feast your eyes with some pics I managed to take.

Psychedelic printed dress. A bit too bold to be worn to a wedding dinner.

This is quite a sexy number. Tube dress with the little accents that really compliments the outfit. I think this can be worn to a nice cocktail party.

Never knew green could look quite good. I would say it is a nice clubbing dress. Yea, the type you would wear to Velvet. favorite the pant suit. Very sexy, sleek and totally oozes sex kitten aura! Only problem is when you go to toilet. Gotta practically strip yourself just to pee.

Very 70's print. I think it is a very stand out piece to be worn to any wedding dinners. ( I can only think of wedding dinners cos they are the only dinners I have been attending lately).

Overall, it was a good show. However, my only complaint was that the models were not wearing strings. All of them were not wearing strings which was not so flattering when wearing a figure hugging dress. Eekksss, visible panty line. And also never wear panties that are made of tissue like material because when wearing a really tight and thin pants, the line shows. Meaning, there is a visible camel toe which is eeeksss, not sexy as compared to cleavage or pointy nips.

I guess the model didn't realize her camel toe was visible.

Tres Chic Boutique
No.10 Jln Telawi 5, (Above Finnegans)
Bangsar Baru, 59100, KL

Tel: 03- 2282 5202
Business hours: Mon - Sundat (11am-9pm)


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Female anatomy
Disclaimer: This post is intended to be educational. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

To all the asian sistas of mine, don't fret over your not so well endowed chest because what you are about to see will make you think that you are truly gifted.

You do know that the bags of fats on the chest comes in various shapes and sizes and after checking this website out I truly understand the meaning of various SHAPES and SIZES!
I must say that I was amazed by how these people actually took the courage to share this with the whole world and make women around the world appreciative of what they have.

We are, very well (I think I can confidently say that) exposed to what a normal or a perfect breast should look like. This image, sad to say, has been etched in the mind of every men. They have not been exposed to reality and reality to them is just small or a flat chest. Well, it is time to open up your eyes and your mind to what REAL women are made of.

Small breasts with large areolas. Should be fine after child birth.

True papaya. This was where the term Papaya Club was derived. I would not want to have big boobs that will sag so much. Thank you God for small boobs.

Asymmetrical boobs. Tough to find a bra that will fit both the boobs. I have no idea how this person wears her bra. This person would need a boob reduction.

Brace yourself for the ultimate.

The tubular breasts. Women with these kind of breast will have problems with milk supply and need to supplement the infant with formula.This is the most peculiar breasts that I have seen. Never knew shape like this existed. Don't think any bra can cater for such a shape.

So ladies, now do you appreciate your boobs? And men, now do you appreciate your gf's boobs? So stop the bitch-whine about small boobs and think about these women with oversized boobs.


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Monday, April 23, 2007
Drawing legs on a snake
I don't know much Chinese but I have heard of this proverb. Add legs to a snake after you have finished drawing it. I think this is the direct translation of the very famous proverb. This is indeed true!
I was assigned to design a simple brochure for a new dance studio and knowing me I like the sophisticated brushed metal look.
So, with my hopeless skill in arts, I came out with this.

Yea, not very professional but heck, free service! So I have control over the entire design.
Since the studio is in Klang, our target audience are mostly Chinese educated, so part of the content had to be translated to Chinese. Fair enough, I handed the file over to the translator who I expect would only insert the Chinese characters in spaces provided.
Guess what came back to me.

A horrendous attempt to 'beautify' and enhance the brochure!

1) WTF is with the butterflies scattered all over?! Looks so pasar malam ok.
2) He thought he want to make it neat by drawing a border around the brochure. Looks like one of those posters for dodgy karaoke clubs. (papaya farm clubs)
3) Redundancy! Blind is it, can't read the big ass FunMatic Dance Club banner. He has to add it another time at the right hand corner. And it is in Times New Roman font.
4) Lift is Definity Available??!!! Can't even copy word to word. OMG.
5) Almost totally removed the gradient effect to make it even more Pasar Malam.

Disappointed when people don't plagiarize well. Feel like using a DE to shoot him!


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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Foreign objects in food
This weekend was all about food food. I still couldn't get over the quesadillas. I didn't have breakfast and lunch the next day. It actually lasted me for 2 whole meals.
Anywayz, I was so hungry just now after a session of intensive cardio.
Came back home and gobbled a whole big packet of nasi lemak. Oh yea, it was mouth watering.

While chewing my food, I felt something long and hard. Tried to bite it harder thinking it might be an anchovy from the sambal but just couldn't break it. So I decided to spit it out and to my horror it was this thing.

What the hell! A rusted stapler! Good thing I did not swallow it or else it would be cutting through my internal organs. Who to sue? The struggling nasi lemak mak cik? Damn it. Totally spoil my appetite. An effing rusted stapler! How the hell did it get into the nasi lemak?! I am so pissed. If it was KFC I'll be glad to bring them to court. Aih, being a typical Malaysian, I will just not buy from that stall again because I can't sue the mak cik for money or any sort of compensation.


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Friday, April 20, 2007
MSG tastes so good!
I had the feast of the week today at Chilli's. Had my favorite Quesadillas + sour cream + Guacamole.

Flicked from here

I think I ate like 7 quarters of Quesadillas and that is a lot to me because I don't eat very much on average. Now I am so stuffed. First two bites, it was heavenly. 3rd , 4th I was stuffed. Subsequently, it was suffering. I still can't believe I ate so much in a day.
After that hefty meal I was as thirsty as a camel that crossed the dessert. I finished a can of green tea in a gulp (hence Down In A Gulp), drank a big glass of water and still I felt really thirsty.
Reminds me of the same feeling I get after chugged on a bowl of prawn noodle.

You can never quench this kind of thirst by just drinking water. It is only by eating a ton of fruits that you can eliminate the dryness of the tongue.
I realized that the Quesadilla is full of MSG, Monosodium Glutamate. The culprit that makes us crave more of the certain kind of food.

MSG is everywhere especially in Chinese cooking. Malaysians can never live without MSG in their food. That is why we never do find Singapore food tasty in any way. Everything is just bland and tasteless. Imagine, prawn noodles without MSG, Bak Kut Teh without MSG,Mee Hun Kueh without MSG, life would be meaningless. We are just too accustomed to overly tasty food that we can't live without MSG flavoring in our cuisine.

Ajinomoto is a company formed to manufacture and to market MSG. Modern commercial MSG is produced by fermentation of starch, sugar beets, sugar cane, or molasses. These are natural flavor enhancers and is considered to be safe by FDA. However, in 1995 the FDA reported that an unknown percentage of the population may react to MSG and develop MSG symptoms ie chest pain, headache, nausea...

Our Health Ministry has yet to regulate the usage of MSG especially in hawkers. They use the cheapest form of MSG which is probably the most harmful form. But without MSG, their dishes won't be able to sell so well. As long as it doesn't hurt their pockets , they will continue using MSG till the end of days. So again, what are our government doing? Looking into the wrong areas, ie: banning fast food ads. Excuse me, when are you going to impose labeling foods containing MSG when people in other countries have already been doing it for umpteen years.

All I can say, if the food is too tasty to be true, better watch out! I'd rather have less tasty food and not suffer later rather than enjoying overly tasty food.

p/s: I am still chugging on jugs of water like a camel.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Cool Indian Lecturer
Do you realize that Indian people are so good at math and unhumanly equations that normal beings cannot comprehend? Yes, they are so fluent at engineering especially electrical engineering equations and computer science theories that baffles you. It is no wonder even their language is complicated. They are super humans indeed.

So, it is not surprising that almost 50% of the engineering faculty are made up of Indians in universities all around the world. They are so good with theories that it belittles you.
It is no wonder students get frustrated and write the weirdest comments about the professors at the end of every semester. I was once a frustrated student and almost felt like shooting myself every time the professors starts rattling like an automatic M16.

This dude reminds me so much of my professor Govindarasu. A becomes 'yay', S becomes 'yes', and R becomes ' Arer'. Every time he speaks, we laugh at his accent. You gotta watch this video and it gets better towards the mid. I've been watching it over and over again for the entire day and still laugh like it was my first time.


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Sunday, April 15, 2007
The elderly are overtaking us
I party with the mature women. Yes, but not the sorta drinking, smoke out, immoral behavior kinda party. They go to a pig out and dance party. It is a line dance party but not all the songs played in the party are country western. In fact, country western music is only a mere 10% of the entire song list.

Aunties as we prefer to refer them,are not as conservative anymore these days. You think they still wear tights with a straight cut top? No, they wear low-waisted diamante jeans with sometimes sleeveless tops and boots. You think they only go out shopping at all warehouse clearance?No, they go to line dance parties and dance till way past midnight.

Like I mentioned, they do not dance to country western music anymore. Country western is boring. Billboard top 40 is the in thing! So you can actually find aunties dancing to pussy cat dolls, Justin Timberlake, Petey Pablo (Not stuff like Chicane, Paul Van Dyke or Eric Prydz...but I am waiting for the day when someone choreographs a dance to that!)

See, they dance to Beep! Yea, the bald guy is like practically walking through the song. Mind you, he is the choreographer of this dance and it is VERY popular over here. As you can see, hot music, easy dance steps gain popularity fast.

Also, Aunties are fancier than the younger people in parties. They wear bling bling newsboy caps and tops that shows off their bling bling bras! *faints*

Bling Bling newsboy cap with a glittery top.

The bling bling bra top is somewhere there.

So, the next time don't be shocked if an auntie says she knows Petey Pablo's music because they dance to the same kind of music like we do. Or maybe they might even say they love Pussycat Dolls. Or worst, if the auntie says blogging is her past time! *argh* Now I don't feel that young anymore.

Picture taken from Lao Zha Bor blog ( Lao Zha Bor is Hokkien for Old Lady). She is a Singaporean blogger and apparently a very popular one.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Glamorous Designer Bags

These cheap looking bags were spotted at the Spring 07 Fashion show and it was one of the 'cool' items on the runway. A Louis Vuitton bag it is! All I can say, what was going through the designer's mind when he was deep down in meditation to get an inspiration for his design. Did the folks at LV fire him after that?
He must have been to da Chinese hood.

I was thinking of trying my hands on bag designing as well. I think I might have the talent for designing. Here goes!
Waa laa. Limited Edition Dior Whack Plastic Shopper Bag
Watch out for it on the runways this Fall '07. It might just be a hit in the wet markets all over the country.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Sunshine the Movie

In 50 years time, the sun is dying and the human race will die with it. Our last hope is a space ship with a crew of 8 to carry a device that will kick start the sun. Along the way of course there are mishaps and fatalities. Will they succeed? Watch Sunshine, starring Datuk Michelle Yeoh and a few other obscure actors.

Really got to bow down to Michelle Yeoh for really making it. You will hear her swear for this first time in this movie. It goes something like, Maddafakka, or muthafukka, can't spell it out. I don't know but I am pretty sure she did say it! Unfortunately, her character died in a very cheap way eventhough she was one of the last crew to die. At least, she was important enough to die towards the end.

I will be ranting more than raving about this movie. Shallow facts, amateurly written script, bad effects. And what is a space movie without an alien on board to ruin everything. That is what the script writers thought about the last minute in the movie. They have decided to throw in a naked Freddie Kruger as the alien! Not actually Freddie himself, but the alien was created in the likes of him. He miraculously hopped on board with the remaining crew and start ruining their mission to kick start the sun.
Summary: Everybody on board died but they managed to deliver the WMD to the core of the sun.

Movie reviewed : Sunshine
Cast : Datuk Michelle Yeoh, .......
Daphne says : Rather shoot myself.


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Sunday, April 8, 2007
No more rave virgin
My first ever rave experience was on Saturday when I attended the Speedzone rave at KL Tower.
I am so not a trance neither am I a techno person, but I do think that Chicane is HAWT! Anywayzz, I dragged my lazy ass down to KL Tower with Yu May & Co. Yea, since I had so much of fun during my last trip in Penang, she actually brought Penang to me in KL! HAWTness!

In my mind, rave is all about dance, heat, and sweat and the occasional molesters. Since we have the VIP passes, we didn't have to mingle with the crowd. HAWT! So we made our way to the VIP parking which wasn't that grand. Nevermind about that.

The entrance where the VIP Shuttle was waiting to pick us up. Yu May again ( very popular character in my blog)

The Party Bus aka VIP Shuttle.

Seriously had no idea how freaking far up the party is. The non VIPs had to hike up hill and that is no easy task when you're all made up in your high heels to party. I would shoot myself if I had to walk up that hill.

Finally we arrived at the parteeyyy. Like I expected, heat and sweat. Can't imagine dancing the whole night through without the pill cause I would rather jump off the KL Tower than dancing in the heat. Alas, we still had to walk through the crowd before getting to our landing. Brushed a few sweaty head and arms on the way.

Among the commoners

Then our excursion ended at the PM VIP Bar! Woah, am I gonna party with the Prime Minister as well?! Ahaha Our Prime Minister raves, imagine him shuffling. Pak Lah the Shuffler!
Was so glad there were fans at the VIP Lounge! I was hot, sweaty and pissed and needed a big fan to blow me away.

I feel intimidated by them. Yu May, Me, Mindy and Li Fung.

Hmm, VIPs are boring people. They just sit, drink and don't party at all. Whatever it is, we had the best seats in da house! Yea, the best view of the entire party. What's best is that we had free flow of alcohol all night long. Now, that is HAWTness!

Me and Yu May. Yea I looked so washed out and sweaty. Been to hell and back.

DJ Yoji Biomehanika in action. Pretty Hard Techno.

Well, at least it was worth it. The performance was quite an experience. I can now appreciate trance music a little bit more but I still can't appreciate shufflers.

Me and the great Gin blogger.

After 15 minutes of cooling our asses with a drink, we headed down to our cars. And of course, any excursion to KL would not be complete without paying homage to Velvet.

Had the satisfy the Penangite's insatiable appetite for clubbing

What's best, I got my ass burnt by a stray ciggie. Good thing I had buns of steel to withstand the heat. What is a trip without a souvenir.


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Friday, April 6, 2007
Please snip it off
And so, I was sitting in front of my workstation totally immersed in my work when suddenly I felt a disgusting presence behind me. The sound of heavy breathing came together with the stench of garlic breath made me jumped out of my skin. It almost killed my olfactory senses instantly.
Turning back slowly, I felt like I was going to face a half decomposed mummy. At least it wasn't so horrific, but what I saw was bad!

Well he's close to any of those Japanese creepies. Yes, extraneous nostril hairs!
Guys, this is one thing you have to really take note besides the excessive facial hair which makes you look homeless. Nostril hairs are more often than not, ignored! Why can't you just include this into your daily beauty regime. Just like shaving, I think that guys should also snip off their extraneous nostril hair.

Can you imagine when this cute guy is about to kiss his date and suddenly she decides to open her eyes to peep on him and the first thing she saw was the excessive nostril hair so close to touching her nose! So the cute guy blew his chance in getting laid.

So please, the next time you stand in front of the mirror, just try tilting your head up a bit and you will realize the amount of hair in your nose could actually develop a new strain of virus. And yes, it is a bacteria rainforest in there.

Just do us girls a favor and pay more attention to the rainforest in your nose. It is worst when you have icicles stuck in between hairs during a very bad flu outbreak.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Yes, I like my top. Bought it just for Chinese New Year. It is red, satiny and feminine.


I don't like my top now. Not stepping into the store that I bought it from. Don't wanna risk myself bumping into another girl wearing the same top. If that day happens, the only words coming out of my mouth will be all foul hokkien words.
Ok no more Cats Whiskers, Full House Collection and Little Black Book boutiques.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Watch out for that crack!

The perils of cracks- Never ignore a crack on the wall of a building. Mega structures have collapsed and it will happen if people just continue to pass it off as a mere crack.
Cracks draw attention.

Well, butt crack in particular. You see, jeans or pants these days are designed to sit low on the hips which is inches from the *toot* *toot* area. Low riders they call it. Sexy it is but when it comes to the rear, it can sometimes be an unpleasant sight.

If you know you're gonna expose the crack, please wear a jeweled thong or maybe cement the crack. At least something to compensate for the ugly sight. Exposing the top of the rear is unflattering but exposing the bottom cheeks of it is seductive!

Oh yea, you could almost taste her.


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