Down In A Gulp
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Zouk lor

Ok Russ, as promised. Things I do to create stalkers and fans for my friends.

Hmm...there are many spirits among us. Should submit this picture to the Paranormal Society for scrutiny.


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Monday, February 26, 2007
Awesome Dong Dong Chiang 3

Chinese New Year is the best time of the year! It is even better than Christmas! Yea because we Chinese have to celebrate 15 days of the New Year! Awesome or wat! And when we usher in the New Year, we make sure it is a big ass celebration, lion dance, fireworks, gambling, food and drinks. Chinese are always the loud crowd and now I know why. Everything we do has got to be better than the latter. As if the clanging of mah jong tiles is not loud enough, we bring in the lion dance troupe with their cymbals and drums, even that is not loud enough and we have to throw in the firecrackers, not even loud enough we throw in the drunkards! It is sure to ward off any evil spirit. No evil spirit in their right mind will dare come close to a drunkard-mahjong playing Chinese. They will be condemned for the rest of eternity just by hearing kaninalaubumacibailanciau uttered by the ever so scary loud-fouled-mouthed Chinese.

Ahh we are really not that bad. Its just that we are more happening when it comes to the festive season. Yes fire and more fire. There is no place more happening than Klang on the 8th day of New Year. Yes, and I live for times like these. At the stroke of 12, the entire neighborhood turns into a war zone. The never ending sound of explosion everywhere. Just got me all so excited. Felt like a kid jumping around excitedly at the sight of fireworks.

Woo hoo and all these happening right at my door step.(few feet away actually) Love it!

Continuing the CNY tradition is a must! Yes I insist that the Convent-ites must always get together during festive season. Best way to catch up and reminisce the old times, not really old but our heydays.

I love CNY cookies. Binge on them almost everyday for the entire 15 days. I could give up meat for these cookies!
You can't take the dong chiang away from me.


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Sunday, February 25, 2007
A Happening Nerd

This posting is not for the purpose of disdaining any party.However, should you feel offended in any way, it means you have low self esteem. So Be A Man, Do the Right Thing.

It is quite hilarious to see a nerd in thick geeky glasses and their ever so prim and proper clothings, perfectly swept hair trying to look cool like they should be approached at the clubs. Yes, I have come across a few while I was doing my routine observations of the dancefloor. One of the things I like to do in clubs besides drinking is people watching. No, not looking out for leng chai but just observing the various characters. People watching can be quite entertaining at times.

So, nerds of such do not actually have a chance to get out much and mingle with society as they spend a quarter of their lives making love to their books. Eventually their self image just erode and they lose touch with the world outside books. And so, when one fine day they get an invitation to go club with the guys (normally its just chick fishing) . Going through the closet, there is nothing to wear except for some interview shirts and slacks and leather shoes. Nothing semi casual. Mr Nerd eventually settle on a really colorful polo t shirt deemed to be club worthy.

Ok all cool, got into the club with a bottle of Bacardi Limon.
Lower alcohol content and at a cheaper price. Mr Nerd is a bit overwhelmed at the number of girls in the club. In fact they are not any ordinary girls, they are super Hawt girls all around! Mr Nerd have never seen real life chicks around him except for the ones in his tera-byte- collection of porn. Think William Hung surrounded by a troupe of Hawt cheerleaders.

Mr Nerd then buckles up and tries to blend in with the other cool guys who are getting all the attention. He grabs a stick of Malboro Lights and tries to light it up. This is his first time lighting up a ciggie but it just doesn't seem to burn. Seems easy for everyone else but the Malboro just wouldn't burn. After few tries, he realizes he was lighting up the other end of the ciggie. Ok, hopefuly no one saw it and quickly redeemed himself by drinking half a glass of Bacardi. Puffing ciggie was a way to shed off his nerdy skin. Mr Nerd tries talking to the girls around him while puffing but somehow ciggie ash keeps flicking all over the place and even onto the girl. Bad idea to smoke.

After 2 glasses of Bacardi Limon, Mr Nerd is very tipsy and starts hitting on every chick on the dancefloor. He just can't seem to hold on the A chick because they keep walking away. Who wouldn't walk away from a guy who keeps grinding a girl like a Shaolin on dope. Drinking was excellent and Mr Nerd went on down the Bacardi from the bottle itself. Oh yea, now he is really ONS! Few jumps and grinding and the alcohol finally found its way to take over his super neuron charged brain. Mr Nerd finally sat down and said the drunkard's prayer for a good half an hour. Eventually the Almighty Holy Bacardi Limon manifested itself through purging of liquid through the anterior.

Mr Nerd did not succeed in shedding off his geekiness even by lighting a stick of Malboro and downing Bacardi Limon. Its his first but not his last time to the club. Next time it will be The Revenge of The Nerds!


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Saturday, February 24, 2007
As for TA I think it is one of the best fundamental stock picks. They should be posting more earnings in the next quarter largely due to Securities firm. Also, CitiGroup has re evaluated their assets and it is said to be worth 2.60 right now. So it is still undervalued at this point. There has been rumors about CIMB buying over TA but not too sure when would that take place. This rumor has been around 2 years ago but at that time, TA was too undervalued to be sold. Most likely the owners of TA would be pushing it up more before it is being devoured by T-Rex-CIMB.


Another counter that I have bought a year ago when it was at 0.25. Recently there was some activity and picked it up again at 0.33. Part of the reason is because it has a 19% stake in ACPI. ACPI is a government linked company that produces concrete slabs for the construction of the entire Putra LRT line beams. Recently they have a book order worth 2 bil for the construction of the Penang 2nd link. Since ACPI have moved , it will only be a matter of time that METACORP will move. Since most of the construction stocks, GAMUDA, MUHIBBAH have already moved, I guess METACORP's time will come soon. Asset value of 0.70 , I am willing to place my bet on them.


Another construction company that is undervalued at the moment. Sure it is a bleeding company but does the account statement really mean anything? You know, all those dubioius figures. Shall not elaborate more on that. Anywayz, DOLOMITE does granite and also a little property here and there. Bad thing is that they are in debt with a total of 100 mill. Good thing is they have bad debts also worth about 100 mill and another good thing JKR actually owes them 60% of their bad debts. So it's up to you to weigh the risk. Would JKR go bankrupt and fail to pay off their debts? Ahahha, they will damn sure to rake more income tax from us! Steel is up, Timber has also gone up, why not Granite? You need stones to build just about anything. Right now DOLOMITE is worth 0.30. So no harm really to take a risk at 0.30.


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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Hainan Curry Rice
This is my first food recommendation entry. Hainan Curry Rice is a rare dish and the first time I tried it was at some back lane stall in Klang. I was so disgusted by the surrounding that I just couldn't swallow my food. Bad experience that was.

The authentic Hainan Curry rice is just rice with curry poured over it served it stewed pork, tauhu and egg. The curry fragrant but not spicy. The way to enjoy the rice is to pour the curry gravy entirely over the rice. Some people like to flood their rice in the gravy.

I actually finished that entire plate of rice. Which means it is REALLY appetizing.

The crispy Sarawak Char Siu is the best in my opinion. Stewed pork and tauhu is just as nice and complements the curry rice very well.

You would guess how much will all these come up to.

Yes! 19.10 for 3 persons! Cheap ain't it.


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Awesome dong dong chiang 2
Just collected Metacor @ 0.305 and Dolmite @ 0.335 a day before CNY. Look at what has become of it.

Metacorp is on a uptrend and looks like it is picking up on volume.

Dolomite looks like it is breaking out. Candlestick shows an Engulfing formation which means it is bullish.

Hopefully my Chai Shen will intervene in these 2 counters as well...hehe.


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Awesome dong dong chiang 1
Couldn't log in the past few days for some stupid reason. Anyway problem fixed by resetting my router, yahoo! This Dong Dong Chiang was great. I learnt how to play 'ngau' or cow. Still quite slow at it sometimes. Brain lags a little when looking for combinations. But not too bad, at least I wasn't on a losing streak. Its just like the stock market, know when to pull out. Never looked forward towards gambling sessions..ahahah. Ok, was bored yesterday and decided to head to Mid Valley assuming that most people will be still on their dong dong chiang holidays.
But NO! I think everyone thinks the same as I do. Half the village is in Mid Valley. Here's the one improvement in Mid Valley though, they have expanded their parking lot to the J section. Its good so that I won't have to take my baseball bat out to claim for parking rights. Oh well, I did that a couple of times without the bat of course. Yea, got into trouble once with an ah lian too..haha! But she was just too inferior for me to argue over petty issues.
Anywayzzz, Mid Valley always come up with the best festive deco. I don't know but I think there should be some award given to the malls for the best festive deco. Everyone seems to be fighting for the non existent throne. I bet the deco at Curve are ALMOST but not as good as Mid Valley's.
This is the basis of their deco. Sakura or Cherry Blossom fans. Looks kinda pretty.

Sakura or Cherry Blossom fans up close.

I just lost my shopping groove. More into my gambling and Mambo Jambo groove. After 3 hours of following my mum around, my bro and I were dead tired and bored.
Staring into the empty space is the initial sign of the Yawn disease

Eyes starts watering, nostrils starts to flare

Kaboom! Contagious.


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Friday, February 16, 2007
TA warrant
The bull has arrived! Well at least I hope it has and will continue charging for the next 5 years before teddy bear comes out from hibernation. The one stock that has kept me stomping my feet, banging my head, hitting the wall is TA warrant.

Look! It's 16th of Feb and in one day it jumped 0.22 cents!!! which is about 30%!!. OMG OMG OMG. The graph is almost 90 degrees!! 2 years ago I thought this will be a dormant counter, so I just dumped my money for 6 lots. 2 years later ..look! It is like a freaking 400% gain!!! And I should've dumped my life savings cause I can get a car by now! Freaking hell. OMG OMG OMG. If i had dumped 60 lots it would be enough to buy a kancil in cash!
I tell you man value buying is always the greatest thing. This is a true 'salt fish' (ham yee) stock. I have a couple of salt fish stocks and I am banking in on the rest to perform like how TA did.

So, it is the safest and sure way of making money. FUndamentals, fundamentals and fundamentals! Very important. No no hearsay! All you need is patience patience and patience and the fruit will bloom into a farm eventually an estate.

Few other salt fish stocks I am looking at is METACOR and DOLMITE. Salt fish now but an estate later.


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Friday, February 9, 2007
Chinese Superstitions Logicalized

Yay, its that time of the year again. Chinese New Year! Dong dong dong chang! Yup, CNY mood is everywhere, shopping malls, pasar malams, the air waves, and in the office. Oh well office is after 5:30pm where it becomes Las Vegas. I've always looked forward towards CNY. The firecrackers, lion dance, family gatherings and how can I forget Ang Pows. Oh makes me proud to be Chinese.

Chinese are however a very peculiar race. We invent gigas and teras of things. We also come up with weird taboos and superstitions that you would never question when you were a child. Take for example if you are a small girl , your mum will always tell you never to leave a grain of rice on your plate or you'll grow up having acne. Hmm I think I did not heed that advice and see what has become of me. Well, but come to think of it, it doesn't work that way. It is just a way of instilling fear in you so that you will not waste the rice. I don't know why but Chinese parents just like to psycho their little girls with all these taboos or superstitions.

Let me come up with a list and logicalize all these superstitions.

- If you strike an animal during your pregnancy, the newborn child will look like that animal and behave like one.
Do not strike animal at all times la! Amalkan sikap belas kasihan terhadap haiwan. Hey it is good actually, what if you were to strike a bird, that means your child will have super hero powers that will allow him to fly. (Too much of Heroes)

You should never praise a newborn baby because it will invite evil spirits and ghosts.

Train your child to be humble by limiting praises. You don't want them to grow with a disproportionate body. Big head small body.

Wedding clothes should be red, yellow and/or white.
Me so agree with this. Bright colors instantly heightens anyone's mood. Nothing to Logicalize about.
The number of steps in a staircase should be even-numbered
Cos we have two legs and it would be break the rhythm of walking up an odd-numbered stairs.This is just for comfort purpose.

- It is bad luck to have two room doors face each other.
Cos you don't want to bump into each other after making out. Maybe there could be a wardrobe malfunction, some starchy substance on your hair or face that you are not aware of, or someone who is not supposed to be in the room.

- It is bad luck if your door or gate faces a road. You are inviting evil spirits into your house.
Nola no spirits. I guess just to prevent a reckless driver from driving straight into your house. Well, it happens when suddenly your steering just locks. The only evil spirits that might end up at your front door would be the doped Mat Rempits.

- The dining area shouldn't be below the second floor toilet
To prevent the toilet bowl from crashing through the ceiling into your dining table while you are having your dinner. It CAN happen.

- Don't sweep the floor on New Year's Day lest you sweep away the good fortune.
Chinese Sabbath day. Do not work! Chill! Have a cup of tea.

- Wearing a moustache is considered bad luck
Ahahah cause if it falls off, it would cause major embarrassment which will erode confidence and image which would effect work and relationship which would affect your entire outlook on life which would make you a lamer begging by the roadside eventually.

- Clipping toenails or fingernails at night is bad luck; the person will be visited by a ghost
Back in those days, they do not have the luxury of electricity. So clipping nails in the dark may result in gory accidents I guess.

In conclusion, Chinese use fear management to handle their community. Just relate anything to evil spirit of ghost and people will be terrified for generations. I guess Chinese are not very nice after they have crossed over to the other dimension. This I can't explain.
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Friday, February 2, 2007
Club Ambassadress
I have been a recent Friendster addict of late. I don't know why but I think it is the 'kepoh-chi ness' of browsing through the numerous pictures. So, I do get weird messages once in a while and I came across this message on my bulletin board titled Club Ambassadress Wanted!
It reads:

looking 4 ladies who want 2 be club
location-hartamas area.
working hours 8pm-12am
salary- rm3000 basic plus commission...
interested....pls email ur profile 2

Wow RM3k as basic and on top of that there is commission for I God knows what kind of special services. I don't even get a basic of 3k! *sob* Maybe I should reconsider my career man. Just need to friggin sell some liquor (which all clubbing madafakkas will purchase) and I will get the friggin commission for the weekend! Woah, isn't that a good paying part time job or what! I tell you, it pays better than a programmer who needs to work their butt off day through night fixing that little bone biting bug or battling through the night coding with their CEO breathing down their neck every minute and second.

Club Ambassadress don't have their CEOs breathing down their neck pushing them to sell liquor or to entertain customers. Just gotta enjoy yourself entertaining people with the occasional drinking. I think I might consider applying, just friggin disappointed that the clubbing industry is making more money than the IT industry. I am friggin pissed! Arrgghh!

How bout cigarette ambassadress? Do they pay the same too? Do you think we can qualify? *sob*
I mean we dress in the same color code. I will vow not to down in a gulp with everybody.

Or maybe we can qualify as ambassadress for Velvet? Please pay us to party, I would appreciate that very much. 3k a month for 4 hours of work every Sat night. I will absolutely definitely not mind the extra perks for personal grooming as well.
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