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Friday, February 16, 2007
TA warrant
The bull has arrived! Well at least I hope it has and will continue charging for the next 5 years before teddy bear comes out from hibernation. The one stock that has kept me stomping my feet, banging my head, hitting the wall is TA warrant.

Look! It's 16th of Feb and in one day it jumped 0.22 cents!!! which is about 30%!!. OMG OMG OMG. The graph is almost 90 degrees!! 2 years ago I thought this will be a dormant counter, so I just dumped my money for 6 lots. 2 years later ..look! It is like a freaking 400% gain!!! And I should've dumped my life savings cause I can get a car by now! Freaking hell. OMG OMG OMG. If i had dumped 60 lots it would be enough to buy a kancil in cash!
I tell you man value buying is always the greatest thing. This is a true 'salt fish' (ham yee) stock. I have a couple of salt fish stocks and I am banking in on the rest to perform like how TA did.

So, it is the safest and sure way of making money. FUndamentals, fundamentals and fundamentals! Very important. No no hearsay! All you need is patience patience and patience and the fruit will bloom into a farm eventually an estate.

Few other salt fish stocks I am looking at is METACOR and DOLMITE. Salt fish now but an estate later.


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