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Sunday, February 25, 2007
A Happening Nerd

This posting is not for the purpose of disdaining any party.However, should you feel offended in any way, it means you have low self esteem. So Be A Man, Do the Right Thing.

It is quite hilarious to see a nerd in thick geeky glasses and their ever so prim and proper clothings, perfectly swept hair trying to look cool like they should be approached at the clubs. Yes, I have come across a few while I was doing my routine observations of the dancefloor. One of the things I like to do in clubs besides drinking is people watching. No, not looking out for leng chai but just observing the various characters. People watching can be quite entertaining at times.

So, nerds of such do not actually have a chance to get out much and mingle with society as they spend a quarter of their lives making love to their books. Eventually their self image just erode and they lose touch with the world outside books. And so, when one fine day they get an invitation to go club with the guys (normally its just chick fishing) . Going through the closet, there is nothing to wear except for some interview shirts and slacks and leather shoes. Nothing semi casual. Mr Nerd eventually settle on a really colorful polo t shirt deemed to be club worthy.

Ok all cool, got into the club with a bottle of Bacardi Limon.
Lower alcohol content and at a cheaper price. Mr Nerd is a bit overwhelmed at the number of girls in the club. In fact they are not any ordinary girls, they are super Hawt girls all around! Mr Nerd have never seen real life chicks around him except for the ones in his tera-byte- collection of porn. Think William Hung surrounded by a troupe of Hawt cheerleaders.

Mr Nerd then buckles up and tries to blend in with the other cool guys who are getting all the attention. He grabs a stick of Malboro Lights and tries to light it up. This is his first time lighting up a ciggie but it just doesn't seem to burn. Seems easy for everyone else but the Malboro just wouldn't burn. After few tries, he realizes he was lighting up the other end of the ciggie. Ok, hopefuly no one saw it and quickly redeemed himself by drinking half a glass of Bacardi. Puffing ciggie was a way to shed off his nerdy skin. Mr Nerd tries talking to the girls around him while puffing but somehow ciggie ash keeps flicking all over the place and even onto the girl. Bad idea to smoke.

After 2 glasses of Bacardi Limon, Mr Nerd is very tipsy and starts hitting on every chick on the dancefloor. He just can't seem to hold on the A chick because they keep walking away. Who wouldn't walk away from a guy who keeps grinding a girl like a Shaolin on dope. Drinking was excellent and Mr Nerd went on down the Bacardi from the bottle itself. Oh yea, now he is really ONS! Few jumps and grinding and the alcohol finally found its way to take over his super neuron charged brain. Mr Nerd finally sat down and said the drunkard's prayer for a good half an hour. Eventually the Almighty Holy Bacardi Limon manifested itself through purging of liquid through the anterior.

Mr Nerd did not succeed in shedding off his geekiness even by lighting a stick of Malboro and downing Bacardi Limon. Its his first but not his last time to the club. Next time it will be The Revenge of The Nerds!


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