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Saturday, May 5, 2007
ASTRO joke
The most ridiculous thing I heard from my colleague this week. This is a real life account of what actually took place. It is a conversation between a Tamil series addict mum and her son.

Son: Ma, do you know ASTRO has 9 new channels? You just need to download it!
Ma : Oh really? How to download?
Son: Just turn off your ASTRO for 10 minutes and waa laa, you have new channels to watch.
Ma : Oh jolly good! Turn it off then!

Son turns off TV and decoder for 10 minutes and turn it back on.

Ma : Waaa, 24 hr Tamil series channel. A dedicated Indian music channel too. Now I am glued to ASTRO. This is great!
Son: Yes, enjoy then.

Son goes out to grab something and when he came back, his mum and aunt was reading the papers with the TV and ASTRO off. They were anxiously looking at the time as well.

Son : Ma, I thought you loved the new channels? Why did you turn the TV off?!
Ma : Son, just now you turned ASTRO off for 10 minutes and we had 9 channels. So I was thinking if we turned it off for an hour, can you imagine the amount of channels we will get! Maybe 50!

Son : *baffled*

Yes I am baffled as well. I thought only comic authors can come up with theories like that.


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